Saturday, 11 October 2014

Tokyo Pastry @ Avenue K

Tokyo Pastry is a good place to had your tea time since it location is convenience but instead of their dessert i give a try on their main course which is the fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine.

 Seafood Aglio Olio RM23
Pasta was cook to Al-Dente but the seasoning are quite disappointing .
Herbs are overpowering others ingredients, the prawn and scallop barely can taste their taste. 
Not really worth for a second try, 

Tokyo Burger  RM15
Burger with matcha bun and grilled teriyaki chicken come with side salad and huge portion of Chips.
Strong taste of green tea can be tasted and chicken tight are used as the meat part. 
Chicken are cook to the right timing and it is well marinate.
Upper bun was perfect but the lower part bun was soaked in teriyaki sauce causes the bun became too soak-y. 

Overall, i will stick back to their  dessert, nothing really impressed me in the main course menu.

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