Saturday, 20 September 2014

Senya Izakaya 鲜家 @ Publika

This restaurant was hidden at one end of the Publika but the outside was decorated with Japanese Rice wine bottle. The restaurant are run by a Japanese and you're definitely warmly by the shop owner once you step in the shop. The restaurant are divided into 2 part which is the smoking area and the non-smoking area. Basically, customer had to order their food through ipad provided and the serving time are short which even though the restaurant are full house. Give a two thumbs up on service! 


Grilled Pork With Half Boiled Egg Don 
This is the must-have in the restaurant which steal my heart and made me forget to take photo of others food . 
One little bowl of don had more than 10 pieces of pork slice, half boiled egg, pickled and rice. 
the pork slice are grilled to a slightly crispy but the fat still remain it juiciness. Pork slice are grilled with teriyaki sauce and sprinkle with sesame seed, teriyaki bought up the sweetness of the pork and sesame give a nice ending for the pork. Japanese rice are used in the don and it are cooked to perfection. 

Pork Neck Skewer RM5.50
This is one of the recommendation of the day. It differ from the don it because this was just grilled with salt which let you taste the original taste of the meat but their grilling skill are fabulous. One skewer consist of 3 piece of pork neck so its basically quite worth the price.

Shoyu Ramen RM1x
This ramen look simple on the menu but this is the taste i had been i longing and must have when my trip to Japan,
The ramen come with 2 slice of char siew, seaweed, fish cake and spring onions.
The soup base taste clear but it remain it sweetness and pork are well cooked till it melts in mouth 

Senya Izakaya not only offer the variety on pork but they also do prepare variety of seafood. So, please do try out the restaurant even though you're not a big fan of pork. 

 Total  Bill Cost: 
1 Shoyu Ramen
1 Pork Neck Skewer
1 Grilled Pork With Half Boiled Egg Don
1 Ashashi Beer 
1 Green Tea 
 + Tax

Personally think that the price range are affordable and it totally worth every single penny you paid! 

Extra Info: 
Senya Izakaya 鮮家 
Add: D5-G3-5, No. 1 Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: 03-6205-4999

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